Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc., 2017 Symposium
Super-early-bird discount
"Mediums Rare"
4 talented mediums!
Expect the unexpected. Four highly acclaimed mediums, Mark Anthony, Tina Powers, and Mark Nelson join host Susanne Wilson for an evening of stage readings together--with double- or triple- or even quadruple-link messages. Fun!
George Noory Onstage

There is no predicting the questions and answers, or George’s reactions, when six of our presenters are onstage with George. He will ask them questions that audience members have written anonymously on slips of paper, about the presenters' work and their lives. Anything goes!

And more events! Channeling demonstration, platform medium readings, workshops on using a PC to record afterlife voices, how to record voices of people in comas and unborn children, how to make afterlife connections . . .
You will learn how to . . .
Know if you can channel higher-level beings
Develop your own medium abilities
Share in the experience of the transition into the next life
Have a psychotherapist lead you in afterlife connections
Start a circle that results in table levitations
Cultivate your own medium abilities
Fix today's racial tensions and divides
Know what the dead say about how we should live
Have a medium reading with a group in a video conference
Help groups have afterlife communication
and much more . . .
Join us for what promises to be the most revealing and exciting gathering ever of afterlife communication researchers, end-of-this-life experts, and educators about the new spirituality. 

This is the beginning. You should be part of it.
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